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March 20th
Why I hate feminism; part 2

RE: Why I hate feminism pt 1

Okay so let me just say that while I really sounded like a bitch - what I wrote was a venting session of why I hate it. Not to completely bash women all together. As a fellow vagina sister - I love us. I love women. But I think the feminism thing has gone too far.

Somebody responded to my post about how we are actually paid less than men blah blah blah. I responded and he responded back but instead of clogging up my dash with something I can’t insert a “read more” on, I thought I’d vent some more here. Hopefully he reads it.

Onward ~~

Men do make more than women. But not because of a gender gap. Men make more than women because they are more willing to do dangerous jobs, which is turn pays more. (Yes, an underwater welder makes more than most jobs). They also work longer full-time weeks. For example, the study I read studied full time workers. But full-time ranged from 35-40 hours and the study mentioned that women tended to prefer a 35 hour week to a 40 hr one and men were just the opposite. So yeah, when you look at that - that they work more hours because they want to and do dangerous jobs that make more. But if you sat a woman next to a man and gave them the same job - they would get the same salary. Now granted the economy is fucked up so some women may prefer to work longer weeks and don’t have the option to, but they do not make less simply because they are women. 

AND A BOOB IS A FUCKING SEXUAL ORGAN. Not a reproductive one, but a sexual one. If you can get aroused from it, it can be viewed as sexual. Just so you know, you can breastfeed in public as long as its covered. Have we not heard of a blanket? Or maybe one of those fancy sling blankets designed specifically for breastfeeding. You can feed your child in public but you don’t need to expose your entire boob to all of Walmart in order to do it. So my hungry child wouldn’t have to wait.

Also I am not OBSESSED with being naked. But the tumblr feminism community is and they are a large reason I made my post in the first place.

Finally, I am not ignorant. I choose not to fall into the trap of a victim just because I am a woman.

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    Did this study happen to ask these women why they preferred shorter work weeks? One reason I can think of, and that is...
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