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March 19th
Why I hate feminism; part 1

Normally I make it a general rule to not post anything that could be viewed as controversial on here just because people make arguments about the validity of a cupcake being cake and other stupid shit just to pick fights and be bullies.

But that being said, I have seen SO MUCH feminism shit on here the past few days and it just keeps multiplying. To the point that its getting me really worked up and angry. & since this is my fucking blog I need to vent.

I really appreciate the true values that feminism was intended to promote - equality for women. & I believe that for the most part - we do have equality. Now I understand that some areas of the world don’t and even many women on here don’t but as someone attending my 2nd year of college and someone that really tries to  be educated on a subject before I speak about it openly, I believe we do have equality. I mean we can vote, we can be homemakers, we can have careers, we can can do anything a man can besides produce sperm and impregnate other women. 

But the way feminism has evolved is into something so ridiculous that women want to be seen as more than men. As better than men and more deserving. I don’t know about you, but last time I checked that wasn’t equal. 

Women want to be total bitches and dress however they want (I am not slut shaming!!) and still have respect and get jobs. Guess what? Being a bitch and the freedom to be a bitch has nothing to do with feminism. Feminism is not about access to birth control (HELLO, HAVE WE HEARD ABOUT CONDOMS? THAT ANYONE CAN BUY AT ANY FUCKING STORE? FOR LIKE $2 - because lets be honest, if you can’t afford a package of 3 condoms from  Walgreens you probably shouldn’t be having sex) or being nude in public for example, while going grocery shopping. Its intended to be about equality. But as you can see it has moved far beyond that.

If you treat others with respect - you gain respect. If you are a total bitch to others - you’re probably gonna be treated the same way. 

For example breast feeding in public; as someone that intends to breastfeed my child - I do not intend on doing so in public. You wanna know why? Because when you breastfeed, your boobs are huge. You’re gonna have stretch marks, your nipples are gonna be all raw and dry (my best friends mom is an obgyn with many years of experience) not to mention its going to be a private moment between myself and my child. I don’t really see the NEED to plop a boob out at Walmart and breastfeed my child with everything exposed. Its not appropriate and that has nothing to do with sexism. Would you be okay with a man walking around with his dick out? No. AKA NOT FUCKING EQUALITY.

& if you are really concerned about getting abortions and getting laws passed that allow abortions, you really need to step back and realize there are more important matters that the government SHOULD be dealing with but they aren’t - ie the FUCKING ECONOMY..

We have to have priorities and keep the intended goal in mind. Being a total bitch and having the ability to strip in public are not the same things as gaining/maintaining equality between men and women.

Also since I’m already ranting there has been an article floating around about doctor’s getting turned on while giving women vaginal exams and OMG how dare them get turned on. But guess what? Did women not get turned on watching Magic Mike? Did they finger themselves in the theater? No. Because its not appropriate and people can choose to act on their feelings or not. Being turned on is a sub conscience thing stimulated by other factors. If the doctor doesn’t rub you funky, you’re telling me that his feelings are wrong? That we shouldn’t allow men to be gynecologists because we are uncomfortable? That seems pretty much the opposite of equality if you ask me and looks just what you think men are doing to women. 

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